The following mini-courses will be organized during the symposium.

Polynomial optimization and control
Organized by Didier Henrion, Milan Korda, Jean B. Lasserre and Mihai Putinar

Quantum systems: measurement and feedback
Organized by Mazyar Mirrahimi and Pierre Rouchon

Automated verification and synthesis of complex systems
Organized by Majid Zamani, Ilya Tkachev, Manuel Mazo and Alessandro Abate

Role of graph theory in modeling, analysis and control of electric power systems
Organized by Aranya Chakrabortty and Thomas Nudell

Stability and stabilization of distributed port-Hamiltonian systems
Organized by Alessandro Macchelli and Markus Schöberl

Geometric structures for the modelling, analysis and discretization of infinite-dimensional port-Hamiltonian systems
Organized by Alessandro Macchelli and Markus Schöberl

From sampled-data control to signal processing
Organized by Yutaka Yamamoto and Masaaki Nagahara

Harmonic influence in large-scale networks: Analysis, optimization, and applications to opinion dynamics and distributed control
Organized by Giacomo Como, Fabio Fagnani and Paolo Frasca

System identification in the behavioral setting: A low-rank approximation approach
Organized by Ivan Markovsky, Konstantin Usevich and Mariya Ishteva

Well-posed systems – linear and with nonlinear feedback
Organized by Marius Tucsnak, George Weiss and Hans Zwart

Neuronal behaviors
Organized by Rodolphe Sepulchre, Guillaume Drion, Alessio Franci and Julie Dethier

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