Executing programs on Windows from Linux

Start a virtual UWP via webpage http://uwp.rug.nl.

If do not want to use a virtual UWP, but a specific Windows machine, you could use the "Rdesktop Client". This is the linux equivalent of the "Remote Desktop" client from windows. You access it via the commandline for example as follows:

rdesktop -g 1400x860 ip-number-windows-machine

Or you can use the graphical user interface RemoteDesktop Client. Don't fill in your username or password, it will be asked by the UWP login screen.

On the windows site it has to be set up properly as follows:
The service "Terminal services" has to be set to automatic. The remote desktop has to Allow users to remotely connect to this computer. This will also change the firewall accordingly.
Both settings can be found by right clicking on "My Computer" and then "Services" or "Properties".
Be sure fill in you account name in the list for external access, even it it is said that you already have already access.

Executing programs on Linux from Windows

We use the ssh or Secure SHell protocol. For each LWP you need access permission to be able to do that. You can manage this yourself if you have root access for that machine. For the fwn-servers you have to ask us, so please do.

A command line connection can be made using the Secure SHell or ssh protocol. Using the ssh program from the RuGmenu a terminal window is opened with which you can connect to other computers supporting ssh. Just give the internet name of the linux machine, your username and (later) the password.
The very first time a question is asked whether you trust the machine that you are talking to. This might seem strange but is an inherent part of secure communication, which only is in place given a trusted machine at the other end.

For a graphical interface several methods are available, but a convenient one is the X2GO program. This program can be downloaded from http://www.x2go.org/doku.php/download:start
The communication again is done via ssh.

The machine that you connect to has to have the X2GO-server running. It can be installed via the package mechanism of the linux distribution if not already done so.

Accessing our fwn-servers from outside the University

If you access these servers from within the RuG, you only need you regular password to get the connection, but for connections from outside the RuG you need to use public key authentication to get access.

You can look in the manual page of ssh or use google to find out what this is exactly; here we only give a recipe for the simple case. This is what you do on your LWP.

  1. Create the public/private key pair using the command ssh-keygen

    This will create two files in your ~/.ssh directory, the private and the public key.

  2. Make a copy of the public key in the file ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  3. On an LWP, also copy that file into /var/lwp/ssh/<your-account-name>
  4. Put a copy of the private key on the machines that you want to access the servers from. You could put the key on an USB-stick that you carry with you.
  5. Using this mechanism, you don't need the "bastion" to access your machines.
With the above you can access the server from anywhere in the world. As an extra security measure you still have to give your regular password.

Note that normally, with this in place, you do not have to give passwords at all when working within the RuG.

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