Linux systemen at DTPA

A number of our technical systems use a Linux version called LWP, and are normally accessed using ssh.
This will take some getting used to for people with a Windows of Mac background.
Here a number of tips about working with these machines when you regular machine is a university Windows machine or UWP.
  1. For latest news about our Linux Systems, see here
  2. See LWP, for information about this Linux Work Place of our university.
  3. Look here for information about the relation between the LWP and UWP.
  4. Data exchange between Linux and Windows here
  5. Remotely executing commands on Linux or Windows here
  6. Where are our 4 server machines to be found? Here
  7. What about my Mac? here
  8. To get access to these machines from outside the RuG domain you can use a CIT service using a machine called "the bastion".

Note: this server also contains the MTNS2014 website.
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