News about our DTPA servers

Note: for general information about our Linux systems see

  1. Server is not available anymore. Please use another one.
  2. To be able to login from the OUTSIDE the RuG on an LWP (and consequently also on our servers) you ALSO have to copy your authorized_keys file into /var/lwp/ssh/<your-account-name> on that machine.

  3. On januari 12-th 2015, the fwn0[3456] servers have been installed with the new LWP
    This also means new ssh-keys, and consequently the first time you log in you get a threatening warning like:

    The warning can be ignored, but you have to follow the given instructions to be able to continue. You effectively have to tell your computer that the remote machine can be trusted.

  4. If you use X2GO to access these machines, please select the XFCE desktop in the X2GO configuration for the connection. If the screen that appears stays black, then terminate the session and try again.

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