DTPA Lab Linux Servers

  1. rug.housing.nl.fwn03 (lwp)
  2. rug.housing.nl.fwn04 (currently not available)
  3. rug.housing.nl.fwn06 (lwp/www)
  4. (lwp)
You can access these servers from any PC in the RUG network using SSH(text based terminal) or X2GO(GUI).
Access from the internet is explained here.
Please contact the DTPA lab coördinators if you need support.

Working with LWP(linux) computers from an UWP(Windows-10)

  1. For latest news about our Linux Systems, see here
  2. Look here for information about the relation between the LWP and UWP.
  3. Data exchange between Linux and Windows here
  4. Remotely executing commands on Linux or Windows here
  5. Where are our 4 server machines to be found? here
  6. What about my Mac? here

Sites hosted by fwn06

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CDC 2015    CDC 2016    CDC 2017    IFAC 2017   

Last modified: 15 Nov 2019